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What is a "Zoo" and what is an "Aquarium"?

Most people would say, "places where you can look at animals and/or fish".

Essentially that is true, but the modern zoo or aquarium has to be something more. The days have gone, if they ever existed, when wild animals could be caught and caged just for amusement. Animals should be properly fed and cared for. We live in a fragile environment and the importance of all animal species to this ecosystem is being increasingly recognised. Some animal species have almost been wiped out in the wild and many are under dire threat of extinction. In our lifetime, zoos may be the only places to see some animals, like the great apes, the rhinoceroses and the big cats.
In 1993 the world zoo association (now called WAZA) published ideas about the responsibilities of zoos and aquariums and the role they should play in the future. This document, the World Zoo Conservation Strategy, identified areas where zoos and aquariums should concentrate their efforts under the mantle of conservation: Education, Species & Habitat Conservation and Research. Today, all zoos must be judged on how successfully they are tackling these objectives.
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