Natural Science Center of Greensboro
4301 Lawndale Drive
NC 27455 Greensboro
North Carolina
Tel.: 1-336-288-3769 FAX: 1-336-288-2531
Their EMail:
Look at their web site: Natural Science Center of Greensboro

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Total area of Zoo/Aquarium : 11.00 hectares
Entrance fee for adults is US$ 6.00
Entrance fee for children is US$ 5.00
Children = ages 2-13; Seniors $5.00 (65 and older)
Aproximately 190000 visitors annually
4 staff are employed at the institution
Number of animals: 193 in 91 species
24 species of mammals
17 species of birds
23 species of reptiles
9 species of amphibians
8 species of fish
10 species of invertebrates
 To reach a staff member, call (336) 288-3769 and dial the appropriate

 Edward von der Lippe, President & CEO ext. 314
 Rick Betton, Curator of Education ext. 318
 Rick Bolling, Museum Naturalist ext. 326
 Marcia Bradley, Executive Secretary & Membership Curator ext. 311
 Papper Bristol, thesaurus shoppe Manager ext. 320
 Jackie Brown, Accountant ext. 305
 Roxanna Burkhart, Curator of Marketing & Public Relations ext. 322
 Terri Cooke, Education Dept. Office Manager ext. 315
 Patricia Day, Curator of Collections ext. 327
 Peggy Ferebee, Zoo Curator ext. 312
 Steve Fogarty, Business Manager ext. 304
 Marion Gilligan, Volunteer Curator ext. 330
 Roger Joyner, Planetarium Curator ext. 309
 Amy Keeter, Co-Curator of Community Programs ext. 316
 Rhonda Lin, Co-Curator of Community Programs ext. 316
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Information last updated on : 16 SEP 03
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