Waikiki Aquarium
2777 Kalakaua Avenue
HI 96815 Honolulu
Tel.: 1-808-923-9741 FAX: 1-808-923-1771
Their EMail: webmaster@waquarium.org
Look at their web site: Waikiki Aquarium

Member of the organisations:- AZA;
AZA accredited: YES
Where no information is available we enter a "0"
Total area of Zoo/Aquarium : 1.00 hectares
Entrance fee for adults is US$ 7.00
Entrance fee for children is US$ 3.50
Children 12 and under are free; $3.50 for youths (13-17); $5 for Seniors
Aproximately 330000 visitors annually
37 staff are employed at the institution
Number of animals: 2293 in 425 species
1 species of mammals
0 species of birds
0 species of reptiles
0 species of amphibians
201 species of fish
223 species of invertebrates
     * Dr. Cindy Hunter, Interim Director  Email: hunter@waquarium.org>
 Education Department
     * Dr. Carol Hopper, Education Department Director, Email:
     * Mark Heckman, Community Enrichment Coodinator  Email:
     * Mary Pickett, School Program Coodinator  Email: mpickett@waquarium.org>
     * Jesse Kline, Graphics Program Coodinator  Email: jkline@waquarium.org>
     * Dean Spencer, Education Program Associate  Email: dean@waquarium.org>
 Facilities & Maintenence
     * Daryl Imose, Operations Manager  Email: imose@waquarium.org>
     * David Olivera, Maintenace Mechanic  Email: david@waquarium.org>
     * George Ching, Exhibits Technician  Email: gching@waquarium.org>
     * Larry Sekiya, Maintenace Technician  Email: larry@waquarium.org>
 Live Exhibits Department
     * Dr. Cindy Hunter, Curator  Email: hunter@waquarium.org>
     * Jerry Crow, Research Associate  Email: crow@waquarium.org>
     * Alan Nelson, Research Associate  Email: anelson@waquarium.org>
Information last updated on : 1 SEP 03
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